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We live in a world of things that are a click away. A world of on-demand stuff. Food on-demand, entertainment on-demand, transportation on-demand and the list goes on. This has penetrated the minds of a lot of employees today. So how will jobs and tenure be affected long-term?

These views are the thoughts and opinions of a serial entrepreneur. It’s a different perspective and not a matter-of-fact approach to the possibilities of the future job market.

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Since jobs are aplenty these days due to growing and maturing economies, a lot of people who are relatively young have the tendency to go job-hopping. If this is the trend, how are the resumes of the future going to look like?

1. Contracts and Agreements Between Employer-Employee will have a Different Setup

Entrepreneurs, founders and executives who are smart will cope early with this ongoing trend. There may come a time when they will want to know the intended tenure of the potential hire and ask them to fill an official document about it – whether it’s a year, two years, three, and so on.

Depending on the agreement in the official document, they will only be able to access certain levels of information, knowledge, experience and benefits. This is smart and protects the company from giving too much but getting too little in return.

For example, when a potential hire has declared his or her intentions of staying only for a year, then the management may have a job package for the said job already that will be mutually beneficial for both parties. That hire would not be allowed to move to certain positions in the company since those positions will benefit the hire significantly and having that person leave within a year will not make sense for the company at all.

I have no idea what this document looks like or if it will ever exist. But if and when the time comes that it does, it comes as a no surprise. Companies who hire on good faith believing that new hires will really commit to the years they verbally espouse are getting battered and bruised. We may not admit it, but it’s quite true.

2. Loyalty will Stand Out

People who commit to a longer number of years of service to the company will have significant loyalty from the company in return. It may come in the form of better benefits, higher pay, stock options, and so on. Of course this is proven by the actual years of stay but if the official document signed by the new hire reflects the intention, it makes the said agreement binding.

This agreement may hold especially if the hire is willing to sign a document that will hold his name accountable to the world at large. Meaning the document will be official in the company’s job portal or website – with the consent of the hire to have it published for full accountability.

3. Smart but Unemployed People will Increase Rapidly

People who sign only for short-terms in this document will find themselves having a harder time looking for work as the companies in the market adopt this signed documents. The continuous adoption of this official document grows steadily as it brings full accountability plus benefits to both parties. 

A lot of smart people will find themselves generally unemployed. On the other hand, people who are wise will also have to risk to choose to commit their loyalty to a company of their choice. Otherwise, they will amend the official document and extend their number of years in order to prove their loyalty in full accountability to the world.

4. Labor will come Cheap

Since there are so many smart but unemployed people, they will have to settle with menial pay. Labor will come cheap as they will be the ones looking for scrappy work. This may not be the case now as job hopping may even increase a person’s base pay but I do believe this will catch up in time.

Whether with an official signed document or without.

5. Companies with Fantastic Culture and a Willingness to Listen to Employee Concerns will be Beacons

There are extremely few companies who have an openness to listen to employees. Usually management is overpaid and secrets are kept without significant reason just to keep employees in line. They see people as a means to increase numbers when it should be the other way around – the numbers should be the means to help people.

 Companies who have invested heavily on their culture to be more unified, open, emphatic and excellent will be shining beacons and will attract the best people whose long-term loyalty will be offered at the get-go.

At the same time companies who are such will be able to cherry-pick on their slew of applicants – giving them colossal advantage in how they work and the output they produce.

6. Dishonesty will Abound

Since work comes by harder for people who hop on jobs as if it is also something that is on-demand, people may opt to lie about their work history. This is undesirable but may be inevitable as people do need to earn a decent living.

This dishonesty will be controlled if there is an official, fully accountable official document that is disclosed online though. All the more reason that I personally will not be surprised if such a document will be formed someday.

Generally, people will no longer hop jobs ‘just because’. They will have to think long and painfully hard for them to leave their employment instead of leaving because of shallow reasons like getting bored or in the spirit of ‘trying something new’.

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