1. God

Without a purpose-giver, purpose becomes autonomous. And when that happens, purpose shrinks to the size of life. My purpose giver is God and because His purpose for me is way bigger than life, it is more than enough to drive me to be excellent at home and at work everyday.


2. Health and Stress Management

I believe the core of being able to work more and produce more as a CEO and team player is if you are able to manage your health and stress well. For this, I take Usana supplements. I’ve been taking Usana supplements for over 5 years now. And just recently in January 2016, I have become a distributor. Usana has helped me keep strong and healthy – I haven’t been virally sick for a very long time and my stamina to do sales and marketing and operations is just extraordinary.

Health and Stress Management

3. Relentless and Perpetual Marketing

Marketing depreciates because it is subject to the law of entropy. However, marketing has magic in it. The magic is, it compounds if you keep working on it and you do things right.

How do you work on your marketing?Keep on building the brand. Create content. Create concepts. Put them to light. Publish them. Talk on stage. Create partnerships with celebrities and authoritative people. Make yourself known. Be relentless.

How do you do things right?In my area of business, it’s about digital. And the playing field I chose in specific is SEO. Search for anything related to “SEO” and “Philippines” and you’ll almost always find me there on the first page. Because I went after search ability, traffic comes in my site everytime, all the time.

Go perpetual.


4. Continuous Learning

There’s no better way to improve and stay on top of competition than to always be on your toes with learning. Reset yourself as if you’re learning for the first time.

All the books I’ve read in starting and running a business is listed here. I strongly advise you to read some of them. All of those are good books and good stuff. I did not list the books I found mundane and difficult because I believe that mundane and difficult books have a low tendency to actually be adopted and practiced by the readers.


5. Advocacy

One of the ways that I feel fulfilled with life is when I am able to actually influence the life of a person for the better. I’m a born again Christian and the way I share my faith is through my blog, God and you and through my motivational talks.

I love developing people. In fact, two of the Strengths I have as an individual (according to Gallup’s Strengths Finder 2.0) is Maximizer and Activator. It’s just really in me to want the best out of an individual. And that’s what I do for my team. I make sure that they are the best they can be at work.

That’s also what I do for my clients. Whenever I am asked to speak and motivate an audience, I make sure to unlock potential in an individual in the crowd.


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