What Other People Say About Sean’s Lean Startup Workshop

Discover the voices of those who have experienced Sean's Lean Startup Workshop firsthand. Hear their testimonials and insights on how this transformative workshop has empowered them in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.


CEO of Philippine Seven Corporation

How Sean Si’s Lean Startup Workshop helped the Philippine Seven Corporation – Victor Paterno, President and CEO of Philippine Seven Corporation


General Merchandise Division Head of Philippines Seven Corporation

Sean Si’s Lean Startup Workshop with Jun Ang – Philippine Seven Corporation’s General Merchandise Division Head


Human Resources and Admin Division Head for Philippines Sevean Coporation

Sean Si’s Lean Startup Workshop with Violy Apolinario, Head of Human Resources and Admin Division for Philippine Seven Corporation


Sean's Expertise in Lean Startup

Sean is a self-made trainer in Lean Startup. He has read the book twice over and has a 4-hour workshop that has improved the knowledge of many about the Lean Startup process.

The Lean Startup Workshop Flow goes like this:

Sean Si Speaking

1 hour presentation about the Lean Startup – its history, its principles, its methodology and case studies

1 hour for the initial part of the workshop – attendees is split into groups and given designated tasks and is asked to conceptualize their Lean Startup

1 hour for the meat of the workshop – attendees are then given time to think about execution and go through the Build-Measure-Learn loop

1 hour for the last part of the workshop – attendees are then asked for validation of each other’s Lean Startup and whether the Build-Measure-Learn loop was used effectively by the other participants

The workshop is a very fun and engaging process where attendees learn about the importance of starting something and starting it lean and starting it smart. It is the Lean Startup embodied in an activity.

Sean Si Speaking

At the end of the Workshop attendees learn:

Sean Si Speaking

What the Lean Startup methodology is

What the 5 principles of the Lean Startup model is and why it’s important

The Build-Measure-Learn loop and how they can utilize it in small and big projects

How they can use the Lean Startup methodology in their organization

Sean Si Speaking

Driving Success through Workshops

Numerous companies have taken on Sean’s services in workshops in business development, entrepreneurship, and startups and he has produced returns of over a thousand fold.

Sean Si Speaking

How It Works

Sean Si Speaking

If you want me to do The Lean Startup Workshop for your organization, here’s how the process goes:

  1. We set a meeting about who you are, what you do, how you do it and why. This is so I become familiar on how to package the Workshop for you and your participants.

  2. We establish where you want to be. You are on point A, where is point B? How can The Lean Startup Workshop take you there?

  3. I customize The Lean Startup Workshop to suit your needs.

  4. We agree on a rate (I’m paid per hour but the rate depends on the scope and difficulty of work)

  5. I personally facilitate The Lean Startup Workshop and see it to completion.

  6. Sit back, relax, see your organization change and grow to be more innovative and launch products and services successfully.

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