Ardy Roberto’s Project Author Level 2.0

Course Price: ₱54927

Launch your book (online or offline) on or before the 10th session; and create an editorial master plan for your publications list (ie: list of books you will write and publish in the next 10 years).

About theCourse

Ardy Roberto


Ardy Roberto has over 25 years of experience in the publishing industry (magazines and books) and has helped friends and family become published authors here and in the US. He gets a real fulfilling kick seeing people's dreams of becoming an author realized.


Starts January 07, 2021. 9 sessions. 1 session per week.

Evening classes: 8pm – 10pm

plus 3 personal, 30 min, 1×1 coaching sessions

Venue: zoom

With possible students fellowship after the pandemic – is over or a cure is found

Limited to 12 students max per batch.

Desired output: Finish your manuscript (online or offline) on or before the 10th session; and create an editorial and publishing master plan for your publications list (ie list of books you will write and publish in the next 10 years).


Dear “Author” (Yes! You are an author in the making)

You and a select number of people are going to get this invitation because you’ve attended my recent Project Author 1.0 Dream Class webinar online via Zoom.

Either way. You already know about Project Author. So, I’ll get straight to the expected output of Project Author 2.0:

It’s to get that book that’s been in your head and heart, WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED! And then see your books (yes, maybe you have a book series in you!) promoted and sold on Amazon (and even read on Kindle) and available in National  Bookstore and other bookstores. Every one who signs up will have a target to write, publish and launch his or her book on or before the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) the following year. (By then, we should all have a cure or vaccine on hand. If not, then we launch online 🙂

I will personally lead and facilitate Project Author 2.0 attendees through the 10 mentoring and workshop sessions over an 18 week period.

Sessions will be held online via Zoom. You will not only learn and acquire hands-on knowledge on becoming a fulfilled published author, but we’ll all have fun as well. The class will be limited in size (10 or 12 at most) to ensure manageability of the class.

Here’s what we have in store for you:

  1. One one one assessment of your book idea, concept
  2. Help connect you with our network of possible publishers for your book concept
  3. Guide you in your negotiations with your prospect publishers*
  4. Arrange sessions with editors who you can connect with and help you prepare your MS for publication
  5. Connect you with possible ghost writers/co-writers
  6. Coaching on how to get your book self-published or published on Amazon or online
  7. Guide you in the process of launching and marketing your book
  8. Hold special sessions. Such as:
    1. Getting rid of the dreaded “block” – Writer’s block? No problem. In this session, we’ll show you how to become a writing faucet! Ardy and his co-mentors share the secrets of prolific author, Tony Buzan, and how he’s been able to publish over 100 books to his name.
    2. The Author as Marketer – Secrets that the most successful tandem in modern publishing shared with me (Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen)
    3. Developing your book concepts: Book development workshops with your editor-mentors
    4. What makes a best-seller?
  9. The art of the Book Launch and other sales and promotional tools (offline and online).
  10. Three one-on-one sessions (within 90 days after your last group session) with your Project Author mentor to help you get your book to the finish line.

(*sessions are subject to change. Assignments will also be given)


Project Author 2.0 Batch 2 Schedule:

Starts January 07, 2021 and every other week thereafter from 8pm to 10pm plus 3 additional one on one sessions within 90 days after the last group session.



Your Investment in Your Book Author Dream will cost you less than the price of a plane ticket and perhaps two nights hotel to New York City: That’s just US$1,577 or PhP80,427. BUT if you register by November 20, 2020—you’ll save P25,000 and pay just $1,077 or P54,927.

Okay, okay— you think that the knowledge and benefits that you’ll gain from Project Author 2.0 is expensive. But consider this—I’ve probably invested more than P2.5M or US$50,000+ in fees and travel expenses to attend the workshops, learning events, courses, book fairs, and conferences for authors and publishers, like:

  • the Stanford Professional Publishing Course (SPPC) in Stanford University, CA, USA
  • the Book Expo America (BEA) in New York City (thrice);
  • Mark Victor Hansen’s Book Marketing Course in NYC;
  • The Frankfurt BookFair in Germany;
  • Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping Training the Trainers in Singapore
  • the Littworld Conference in Kenya, Africa and Singapore and many ..

I’ve also invested about 20 years in researching, reading and keeping up to date in the publishing world. I have the benefit of also having mentoring moments with other successful publishers and authors like John Maxwell, Denis Waitley, Mark Victor Hansen, Tony Buzan, The Stanford University Professional Publishing Course faculty and others.

But of course, I won’t ask you to pay P2.5M or spend a decade or two studying…The priceless knowledge and experience and network that I have developed will be shared with all Project Author 2.0 attendees at a small fraction of what it cost me.


Your investment:

The Regular rate is US$1,577 (or P80,427) but..for Project Author 1.0 Alumni the investment is just US$1,077 or P54,927. That’s $500 or P25,000 in savings IF you pay by November 20, 2020.

Total investment in your Author Dream comes up to LESS THAN US$2.95 or P151 PER DAY if you were to save up for the program for a year.

I know there are some of you who may have some cash flow challenges, so I’ve also put together other easier payment plan options for you.


Payment options and discounts:

PLAN A: Only PhP54,927 if pre-paid in full by November 20, 2020 (discount of P25,000 from the Regular Price). Bank Transfer or GCash (09175074588) or Credit card via PayMongo.

PLAN B: Pay only P19,977 for 3 months (November 20, Dec 15, and Jan 15) or a total of only PhP59,931. First payment of Nov 20 payable online via GCash or bank transfer: BDO or BPI).  (A savings of P20,000 off the regular rate).

PLAN C: Project Author Scholar – 50% Partial Scholarship Option: P4,993 payable by Nov 20, then 5 PDCs of P4,993 for next 5 months. Or total of P29,963. You may also opt to raise this via


Scholarship Requirements:

  • Must be earning less than P300,000 gross per year (pls submit 2019 ITR);
  • Submit sample written works or write a one-two page essay entitled: “This is My Story”

Identity of scholar/s will not be revealed to the class. Maximum of 3 partial scholars per class.

No prorated refunds given for missed classes.

Requirements for acceptance to Project Author 2.0 Class:

(Enroll and reserve your space now by sending me a confirmation email at and cc:

  1. Please submit your updated bio or personal profile
  2. Answer the ff questions: What are the prospective title/s or book ideas/concepts that you wish to develop and launch? What books have you read this past 12 months? What are in your reading wish list for 2020 (if any)? Why would you even want to enroll in Project Author 2.0?
  3. Indicate payment plan option.

*Registrants will be pre-screened before acceptance.

God bless you!

Ardy Roberto and Sean Si

Project Author 2.0 Mentors


Your Coach: Ardy Roberto

Ardy is an award-winning inspirational author whose book, Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin (Money that’s Never Short), held the #1 spot on National Book Store’s nationwide best-sellers list for 5 months in 2011 and until now still sells thousands of copies every year. Close to 400,000 copies sold as of 2020. His latest book, The Happy Entrepreneur, was the #2 Best selling book of 2019 and a CMMA finalist awardee.

Ardy has over 28 years of experience in the publishing industry (magazines and books) and has been been a “book Ninong” to many including his own father, marketing guru, Dr Ned Roberto (7 books*),  Dra Marnie Prudencio (The Best Investment) and is currently coaching Liter of Light Founder, Illac Diaz, and many others to write their books.

  • Ardy is a graduate of the Stanford Professional Publishing Course (SPPC) which was held on campus in Stanford University, CA, USA. He has also attended Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Book Marketing Course at the Book Expo America in New York City.
  • He has authored / co-authored ten books, including:
    • The Happy Entrepreneur , #2 National Bookstore best-seller
    • The Heart of Healing – Gintong Aklat Award Finalist for 2010 for “Best Inspirational Book” at the 2010 Manila International Book Fair
    • S4 – Success Secrets of the Sales Superstars. Winner of the Direct Selling Association of the Philippine’s (DSAP) Chairman’s Award
    • The Best of MarketingRx volumes 1-2 published by Anvil and PDI Books
    • Ang Buhay na Hindi Bitin – OMF Literature’s perennial best-seller. Over 500,000 copies printed and sold.
    • Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin – a #1 Best-Selling book of National Book Store.
    • Real Men are POGI – a #5 Best-selling book of National Book Store and OMF Lit

Ardy also co-published the books of popular speakers/authors including John Maxwell (Gift of Leadership), Ken Blanchard (Servant Leader), Al Ries’ and Jack Trout (Positioning), Peter Tsukahira (My Father’s Business) and more.

You will also benefit from Ardy’s extensive network, knowledge and experience in writing, publishing and marketing books.

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