Ardy Roberto’s Project Author Level 2.0


Dear “Author” (Yes! You are an author in the making)

You and a select number of people are going to get this invitation because you’ve attended my Publishing session at the recent Project Author Dream Class webinar online via Zoom last May 27, 2020.

Either way. You already know about Project Author. So, I’ll get straight to the expected output of Project Author 2.0:

It’s to get that book that’s been in your head and heart, WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED! And then see your books (yes, maybe you have a book series in you!) promoted and sold on Amazon (and even read on Kindle) and available in National  Bookstore and other bookstores. Every one who signs up will have a target to write, publish and launch his or her book on or before the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) in August 2021. (By then, we should all have a cure or vaccine on hand. If not, then we launch online 🙂

Led and facilitated by best-selling author-mentor, Ardy Roberto, Project Author attendees will go through 10 mentoring and workshop sessions over a 10 – 12 week period starting Saturday, July 16,2020.

Sessions will be held online via Zoom. You will not only learn and acquire hands-on knowledge on becoming a fulfilled published author, but we’ll all have fun as well. The class will be limited in size (10 to 12 at most) to ensure manageability of the class.

Ardy Roberto has over 25 years of experience in the publishing industry (magazines and books) and has helped friends and family become published authors here and in the US. He gets a real fulfilling kick seeing people’s dreams of becoming an author realized.

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