There are just times when you need to give up a relationship you’re holding on so dearly to. Some people tell me that it’s God who is asking them to surrender it. My response is “If it is God, don’t think about it.” Here’s why:

Complete surrenderThis entry has been inspired by a really good friend of mine who is going through a tough time in life with God. We talked over the phone and I remembered when it all happened to me. I guess this is one of the reasons why God had me go through a tough season in my life.

Real surrender means you’re dropping it – 100%

When you say that you ‘surrender’ it means you don’t hold on to anything – nada, zip, zero. It is completely letting go, leaving none for yourself. None. Not even a thought of it.

And yes it’s hard, perhaps impossible. Impossible without God’s help. It takes faith to be able to really surrender – just like how Abraham was able to surrender Isaac. He was able to give God 100% of his one and only son whom he utterly and deeply loved and held on to. His only true heir. And God blessed him for it.

Even though Isaac didn’t die and even if he was not sacrificed – he was already as good as dead to Abraham. He was already completely surrendered to God. He was given up. Abraham did not think about it anymore.

It takes faith

Surrendering is not easy. Letting go would always be difficult. It takes faith to give something  up to God completely. Abraham trusted God completely that’s why he was able to surrender completely.

Heart surrenderThere are times in our lives when we don’t trust God enough with a certain relationship we’re holding on so tightly to. We think God can never bring it back again. And we think that God isn’t able to write our love story as much as we are able to.

It is during these times when we want to be in control the most – especially when we fall into the trap of loving someone too much. It is also during these times when we find it most hard to surrender everything to God.

Questions we don’t need

When God asks us to surrender something to Him, suddenly we ask questions.

“Why did I have to go through that, Lord?”

“Why did You let me meet him/her in the first place?”

“What is happening? Isn’t him/her the one?”

Our minds are filled with questions. It’s natural – we are reasonable beings. We are moved to look for answers because of the questions that suddenly enter our hearts.

These questions are natural – but they are also dangerous. They are a gateway to vain thoughts and assumptions. Real surrender means letting go of everything – yes, even these questions.

You don’t need these questions. You need to trust God. When you’ve already given up everything, the proof that you have totally done so is peace. You have to have peace when you’ve got nothing to lose – not even answers to your questions.

God can write your love story

God is the author, designer and maker of our lives. He is the author of love and romance. He created everything. I totally believe that the best love story you can ever have has to be written by God. I know mine was – the proof of a God-written love story is the impossibility of it apart from Him.

A God-written love story must glorify Him and will reflect His mighty hand. It must bless other people in the sense that they realize it has to be God.

I truly, honestly believe that in order to let God write your love story, you must surrender everything to Him first.

And don’t think about it.

Sean Si

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