27_How Sacrifice, Discipline, and Faith bred a telecom CEO



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Who is Charles Gener?

Charles is the CEO of Velcoms Network. He is a technical person who understands computers.

Aside from IT and technology, he is also interested in music and more recently, blockchain technology.


There were some days when Charles felt alone. This is because he had to remove all of the distractions in his life. He realized that for him to be happy, he had to accept that fact. Charles took the road less traveled by. 

What he wanted was different from what most other people of his age do. When others were thinking only of making money and going on vacations, Charles wanted to build new things. He wanted to create something that will change the world for the better.

As time went on, he got to meet people that had the same wavelength as him. It took a while because people like Charles and I don’t exactly like socializing with other people.

That said, the world needs innovators like Charles. The world needs people who make things, do things, and push them out to the world.

Most of our generation prefers to live an easy life. They want to earn a lot and spend it on travel, food, and leisure. Charles is not one of those people. He enjoys working and making innovations.

He is very much grateful to God because he was blessed with some skills and unwavering interest to create things. 

His success is not without sacrifice. As I’ve said, Charles tried to remove all of the distractions in his life. He went as far as to not meet with his friends for around two years. But at that time, he was able to found and grow his business.

One of the biggest aspects that Charles focused on was discipline. He had to think to himself that he needs to finish what he’s doing. He also emphasized living a healthy lifestyle not because he wants to be healthy, rather he needs to be healthy to work on his projects.

Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life states that if you sacrifice the other parts of your life or your wheel—It will result in a flat tire. A flat tire is noisier, has more friction, and is very much uncontrollable.

If one part of the wheel is flat, your life will also be affected.


 Is there a DIY fix for your internet connection at home?

 Most of the “solutions” to improve your connection found in social media are not true, as stated by Charles.

The internet starts with the provider. When you have a good provider, you should further improve it by using quality equipment such as routers. 

For Charles, the only lifehack is load balancing—which is done by getting two providers and you balance out their connections. Load balancing doesn’t have a hard limit. You can do it with three to even 20 connections. 

 Charles mentioned that Google’s Mesh routers were already old pieces of technology that have been altered for commercial consumers. 

Just like how the Internet was made and used by the U.S. Navy first, many other technologies start from the military, implemented by enterprises, and then sold to consumers.

Charles also knows of the development of new technology—wireless laser technology.

It’s still in its early phases, but the main reason why it got Charles’ attention is that it’s an innovation that aims to disrupt the industry.

With this in the works, it’s interesting to see what has happened to 5G which was released by China just before Trump shut them down.

In Charles’ opinion, these innovations are fueled by the innate desire of humans to create something new, different, and better. 

It’s the same with television. Before it was just through cable, now there’s wireless tech. Improvements continually happen.


Do you read books or read podcasts? How do you teach leadership to your team? How do you lead them?

 Charles always tries to inspire his team. They’re trying to change the world. His company is somewhat different. They’re a small company making big things.

The people that Charles gets are like-minded individuals that want to bring change and help the community. 

They are the people that understand the value of helping the community and creating new things. They’re visions and foresight are in line with Charles.

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