Body Juice: The World of Enhancement Supplements

In today’s timeline, the world of medicine has evolved to greater heights. Almost every disease is curable, manageable, and delayed with this miracle essential and almost everything about the human body can be enhanced with medicinal aid – from physical attributes of a person to their mental aspects. In the Philippines, there are numerous agencies like USANA InCelligence Philippines that provide all kinds of supplements to the populace. These supplements cater to whatever they want to manage or enhance – whether it be weight, libido, skin tone, muscle mass, or even memory and cognitive function of a person.

Given that fact, what you are reading will shed light on the world of medicinal enhancers and give more emphasis on its influence and impact on the Philippines.

What are Enhancers?

We all know that our body produce natural enhancers such as testosterone, estrogen, adrenaline, and dopamine. However, there are artificial enhancers that are made by medical professionals that greatly helps the body’s enhancers to elevate and stimulate a particular attribute in the body.

Enhancers, also known as ‘supplements’, comes in many forms. In the Philippine market, there are a number of food supplements that helps a person to lose weight and gain muscles. There are also supplements that help enhance a person’s skin tone and even ones that help enhance one’s memory and cognitive function. There are even some enhancers that can aid with one’s libido, increasing arousal and sexual performance and ones that help in one’s transition from one sex to the other, thus, enhancing a person’s recessive opposite and genetic traits.

How Long Has Enhancement Supplements Been Around?

As a whole, there is no concrete explanation as to how enhancement supplements came to fruition. Though, as mentioned before, enhancement supplements come in many forms that enhance different attributes of the human mind and body. Since there are diverse kinds of enhancers, there are different stories of origins for the wide array of enhancement supplements available in the market today.

  • History of Sexual Enhancers
    • When it comes to the male biology, certain enhancements are made to highlight certain parts of the body. Dating back to the ancient Egyptians, male enhancement focused more on sexual means as pharaohs and other nobles would usually attach weights at the base of their penises to gradually lengthen their members. On the other hand, females use of clothing and wine to entice sexual arousal from men and improve their performance as well.

    • As time progressed, the introduction of innocuous ways to heighten sexual performance came into life, especially when aphrodisiacs are introduced. Aphrodisiacs are food that increases libido when consumed. Some of the notable examples of aphrodisiacs include food such as oysters, avocadoes, chocolates, and honey.

    • The most notable period of sexual enhancement history was in the year 1998 when well-known pharmaceutical group Pfizer introduced a little blue pill known as “Sildenafil”, also known as ‘Viagra’. The effects of Viagra cater to men as it helps battle impotence and improves one’s sexual arousal and performance even at the prime of their age.

  • History of Muscle Enhancers
    • Before the use protein powder was popularized, athletes of the late 19th century were used to ingesting a liquid known as the “Elixir of Life”, which is composed of the rumored substances such as dog testicles, guinea pig, rabbit, and/or sheep. Even before that, in ancient Greece, athletes focused on diets that would help their performance in games. Low-carb diets such as lean meats, fruits, and greens were consumed to help an athlete perform better. Additionally, another interesting item is included their diet: Wine.

    • Wine, though an odd choice to include, actually aided athletes in their prime as research showed that wine contained a component known as resveratrol, which helps in burning fat and improving one’s endurance and stamina.

    • In recent times, some athletes find ways to use a substance known as “Steroids”. Steroids have been around since the late 19th century and it was not yet well-known because it is prohibited. However, some athletes still used this substance and were penalized for using such a drug to improve performance. Since then, the use of steroids and other performance drugs for professional and athletic purposes has been somewhat frowned upon, usually resulting in a ban from any sport.

  • History of Cognitive Enhancers
    • Nowadays, numerous pharmaceutical groups are able to manufacture supplements for this attribute since many people are looking for a medicinal way to further improve their memory and cognitive skills. If you were to retrace the history of cognitive enhancements, this concept can date back to ancient India.

    • India is well-known not only for its magnificent Taj Mahal and vast mathematical capabilities and opportunities, but they’re also known throughout history as one of the countries to incorporate alternative and spiritual medicine. An example of this is Ayurvedic Medicine.

    • Ayurvedic Medicine, also known as ‘Ayurveda’ for short, is a holistic and healing system dating back 3,000 years in ancient India. Its main focus is to ensure complete harmony for a person to be completely healthy. It harbors three aspects of mental performance which are smitri (Memory), dhi (Learning and Understanding), and dhriti (Retention). In order to boost these brain abilities, the use of certain herbs to induce in patient’s treatments was and still is, a wide practice to accommodate the teachings being upheld.

What are the Forms of Enhancement Supplements?

In recent times across the world, the introduction of medicinal capabilities has been widely appreciated and available to the market. Medicine has helped shape enhancements into more convenient and safer approaches.

Moreover, they also introduced new enhancement methods that are seen as revolutionary in the medicine world. Here are some of the many shapes and sizes enhancement supplements come in.

  • Food/Dietary Supplements
    • This is the most common form of enhancement. Dietary supplements ensure that the consumer gains the appropriate number of nutrients. Though this kind of supplement is not necessarily a full substitute for a meal, taking this on a regular basis can greatly help one to attain and maintain the nutrients in the body.

    • However, there are some dietary supplements that can be used as meal substitutes, improve the athletic performance, and helps in enhancing muscle mass. These kinds of supplements are called, “Bodybuilding Supplements”. They usually come in a pill or tablet form for easy ingestion with water.

  • Multivitamins
    • Like many dietary supplements, multivitamins are actually intended to be like any dietary supplements. Packed with a multitude of nutrients, these pills can help enhance your immune system, protecting you from numerous ailments.

    • These supplements can come in many varieties such as basic multivitamins, food-based multivitamins, chewable ones for children and adults, and even ones that target a certain consumer such as pregnant women and those with severe health complications such as heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health problems. The most well-known multivitamin is Vitamin C, which ultimately gives a person an ideal amount of nutrients for the day.

  • Bodybuilding Supplements
    • Just to shed more light on bodybuilding supplements, these supplements help in building muscle mass and improve your physical endurance and abilities as an athlete. In its typical powdered form, these supplements can ultimately help induce weight in your muscles and make them more noticeable in terms of volume.

    • The results work best when it is mixed regularly with proper exercise and diet and they come in various flavors to ensure that you get all the nutrition with a good taste. While it helps with muscle weight gain, the effects may work against its intended effect on your body if it is used inappropriately.

  • Beauty Enhancers
    • Beauty enhancers are usually marketed for women. This enhancement aids in eliminating any signs of blemishes on the face and, at the same time, heighten a woman’s natural beauty. Though this enhancement usually comes in the form of cosmetics, there are medicinal forms as well such as glutathione for skin whitening, lycopene for antioxidants, and collagen for anti-aging.

    • Another thing about this is that beauty enhancers can be purchased in your local stores nearby or you can actually make some yourself. Homemade beauty products not only help as much as generic brands, but they also help you in making a profit by selling homemade beauty products as well.

  • Libido Enhancers
    • This type of enhancement targets both men and women in terms of improving sexual performance, arousal, and stamina. Since the genetic make-up of men and women are very much different from one another, each of the two sexes require different components to aid them in this aspect.

    • For men, most enhancers would tackle on decreasing the risk of erectile dysfunction, whilst improving their performance in sex. Since men are more prone to a high build-up of cholesterol and heart disease, the key component in improving their libidos is to ensure that blood circulation, especially in the penis, is well-maintained and in a good condition.

    • For women, iron is a key component in improving their libido. Without iron, their libido will greatly decrease – including their ability to orgasm, become aroused, and proper lubrication of their vaginas.

  • Gender Transition Enhancements
    • These are enhancements of a different and peculiar kind. As men and women are confronted with different notions on homosexuality and gender identification, this can also be seen in physical terms as well. That said, this introduces the notion of ‘transitioning’.

    • Ultimately, the decision of transitioning from one gender to the other falls entirely up to you depending on how you choose to be identified. While reassignment surgery is a surefire procedure on transitioning, Hormone Replacement Therapy is usually a pre-step to the procedure.

    • Medication essential for the transition has become widely available for proper use. When you take the proper doses of your prescribed medication (testosterone for women and estrogen for men), the medication will enhance recessive genes in your body that will totally make up your sex as a whole. The process is usually not permanent and would, therefore, require constant dosage to ensure a smooth and continuous transition.

    • However, once your tissue starts to adjust to the effects (e.g. nipple and breast enlargement for men on estrogen), the effects cannot be reversed. For this reason, it is best that you consult your alteration plan with a professional before undergoing any transitional procedure.

Is it Okay to Take Enhancement Supplements?

Like many things in the medicine world, supplements are encouraged to be taken – given that you take them with the right amount or doses. Improper or abuse use of any medication can greatly cause a drastic and/or severe side effect to a person’s health.

In order for you to know if your supplements are safe and in a good condition, here are some few suggestions:

  • Consult your Doctor
    • One of the most important rule before you take any medicine is to consult a professional first. Make sure that you listen carefully to your doctor’s consultation on the supplement and, only after you’ve received your consultation, you can then decide whether to take them or not.

  • Make sure that your body is in perfect condition
    • Ensuring that your body is in an impeccable state is also one of the essential factor you should consider before taking any medicines. If ever you have any ailments or condition that discourages the use of supplements, it is best that you avoid drinking these supplements or enhancers to avoid radical side effects.

  • Read the label
    • Last but not the least, making sure that a supplement or a medicine is safe to consume is also one of the factors you should take in consideration before taking them into your body. It is true that your enhancers come in packs and are carefully wrapped and labeled with the supplement’s ingredients, nutritional values, and their expiration date.

    • Before ingesting the supplements, it is best that you read them carefully. Make sure that you do not skip a word in order to know exactly how much dosage you should have for a day and when to take the supplement.

    • Nonetheless, what these enhancers aim to do is to heighten any physical or mental attributes you wish to elevate and ensure good results with varying speeds after each use.

The Impact of Enhancement Supplements Today

In today’s standards, people want a guaranteed way to get what they need for their day-to-day lives. Instead of packing on a few extra items, what people wish for is convenience on carrying their load. Same goes for what goes inside their bodies.

With the convenience supplements offer, not only do people get the nutrients they need, but they need to do is ingest it for in a certain way that the nutrients can get in their system. One company that can ensure this happen is USANA Philippines.

USANA Philippines, a leading health group of the country, guarantees that its customers get what they need without the need for any complexities. Their variety of revolutionary products are packed with the right amount of nutrients for you and your family and all for a reasonable, yet affordable price.

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