This Book is How I Made One Million Pesos per Month

Down at a dirty, muddy pit full of crap.

That’s how I felt like when I was about to go out into the world and get my first job.

I knew that the best pay I could get would never be able to pay for a good life. I knew that starting a business is futile, stressful and can result in debt, bankruptcy and broken relationships.

It was just too risky.

Besides, I know nothing about doing business. I don’t know what it takes to register a company, to hire my first employee, to close a deal with a client or source items to sell. I had no experience in selling stuff to make profits for a living.

It was all foreign and I felt like a baby even if I graduated from numerous lessons and courses from a prestigious school.

It didn’t help that I had 28 failing units though. That actually made things far worse.

I was unemployable.

Who, in his right mind would hire a person with a huge amount of failures in college

Life, no – the future looked very bleak.

I was never going to be able to get married at my target age of 25. I was never going to be able to buy my first car at that age either. And a house? I can probably afford a house in my fifties. But not before then.

This was real. This was me before I learned all of the lessons I went through.

And those lessons were taught to me – not in school – but in the bloody, sweaty, muddy pit of actually setting out and starting my own business.

I learned how to:

register a company
hire my first employee
take advantage of legal and tax loopholes
close impossible deals

These things were very, very, very tough to take in, process and practice during the time. So I took the time to write about it and publish it in my first book – CEO at 22. (Don’t have a Paypal account?)

In the book, I wrote about how:

i was force to register my first business
how i got out of the trap
how i took my first business

I could only wish there was something written like it when I was starting out but there was none.

Until today, I have not been able to find a single book that tackled all the muddy and hard things about starting up a business the way I did with CEO at 22.

There is only one caveat though – this book is not for everyone.

If you think this book is a magic pill that will enable you to start up a successful business, stop reading and close this page immediately – because this book is definitely not going to 100% ensure your success.

This book is a guide. A sort of map. A blueprint perhaps.

It is something designed to take you from point A to point B.

All of the tactics, strategies, principles and personal stories in this book is meant to take you through a journey of realisation, reflection and direction. It is a push to enable you to be honest with yourself and finally know if you CAN and SHOULD start a business – and how to make it successful.

This book is not for people who are merely dreamers and thinkers. It is meant for DOERS. People who execute. People who make things happen.

People who have a deadline.

Like I did.

i got married at 25
i was able to pay for a 500 guest wedding
i was able to buy my very own home
i was able to buy my first car

And believe it or not, (I can’t believe it either) I’m only 29 years old right now.

It’s really all by God’s great grace coupled with hard work.

“In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” – James 2:17

I believe in working hard.

The thing is, millions of other people also believe in it – and yet remain to live pay check after pay check.

I could easily been ‘that guy’ – the guy who gets a fixed salary and can only budget his way through life. Not really being able to reach big things and contribute to society in a monumental way.

If you feel that you’re ‘that guy’, I felt that way too before. And I felt like I was going to remain that way until the day I die.

How did I get out of it?

A change in perspective bundled with strong personal and business principles. These principles kept me on the straight but very narrow path to success.

One of these principles created a colossal impact in my journey to success. (Don’t have a Paypal account?)

You see, I was helplessly addicted to computer games. So addicted that I would spend 8 hours in a computer shop eating junk food and wasting my life away – and feeling no remorse.

I had to get away from it. I tried to cut down on playing. You know, shred it down a bit.

But it didn’t work.

Every time I would open up my computer, I would see an icon of the game, double click it, and get hooked on hours and hours of gameplay.

It was a vicious cycle.

Until I went cold turkey.

I deleted all my games. ALL OF THEM.

Plus I forced myself from going into a computer shop with friends. It was very, very, very hard for me to do.

Sometimes it felt like I was going to give in. Sometimes I felt like I needed to pull my legs just to get out of it.

But when I went cold turkey, it got easier by the day to get out of my addiction.

That was the start of my journey to success.

My first business, SEO Hacker would have never been born if I spent a day longer in addiction. I would have never been able to provide jobs to my people. I would have never created real, lasting value for society.

It’s not just me that lost – a lot of other people and companies would have lost too if I did not make that critical decision.

To be honest, I have a dilemma.

I want to give away this book because of the value I know it will bring to your life.

But at the same time, I know if I simply give it away, people will not value it because they did not invest value in it.

I’m a strong believer of investing in value so that you will value what you learn.

However this book is not for everybody. So I am asking you to please first consider if this book is something that you will value by giving you the first chapter for free.

You can download the first chapter of CEO at 22 here.

Now, if you are extremely sure that this book is something that will help you in starting your first business and directing you to success, can I ask you to invest in value?

Just for today, I am sending you a limited edition of the hard copy of CEO at 22. I only printed a few of these so I really only want the right people to purchase it.

People who will value it and make it their guiding light on their journey to success. In fact, I am so convinced of the value you will get out of my book that I am going to refund you 100% if you don’t learn anything that you find valuable. No questions asked – and you can keep the hard copy!

It is retailing at 649php but for today, I am selling it for 500php only (Don’t have a Paypal account?). Free shipping anywhere in the Philippines.

Are you bothered enough to get out of the dirty, muddy pit full of crap like I was when I started out?

If your answer is yes, please, please, please do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Act on it.

Get your own copy of CEO at 22 now (Don’t have a Paypal account?).

What Others Say About the "CEO at 22" book

francis kong

Francis Kong

Businessman, Columnist, broadcaster, book Author and an Inspirational Speaker.

CEO at 22 at first glance may sound off as being boastful but it is not. In fact it presents life as it is with all the humps, dumps and lumps of the journey of a person who does not only turn lemons into lemonade but would actually set up a franchise out of it and earn from it. There are valuable lessons one can pick up from his story as long as one is willing to make the first step: to pick up this book and start reading away.

This is not a good book. Being an author of 19 books myself I would know. This is a great book. Once in a rare occasion would a good practical and inspiring book come to delight us.

This is one of them.

chinkee tan
Chinkee Tan

Motivational Speaker, Author and Wealth Coach

"Sean is a great example of turning one's passion to profession. This is one powerful entrepreneurial lesson that I've been sharing to everyone who wants to start their own enterprise. What I liked about Sean is, he does not just tell you what to do, but he is indeed a true practitioner. Today at age 28, has already founded, and is the CEO of FOUR money-making companies. Not only that, he is also a pioneer and expert in the industry of digital marketing today. Read this book, be inspired and learn how you can do it too."

randell tiongson
Randell Tiongson

Speaker, Columnist and Best-selling Author of Personal Finance

"This book is a must read for everyone, even if you are not involved in the information economy. Sean's book gives a good look on how a practice such as SEO was able to help him towards his way to success at a young age.Finally, a book that gives you a deep perspective about how to win and become your own boss in the technology industry."

dennis sy
Dennis Sy

Best-Selling Author and Pastor

"Sean's book is a must read for every entrepreneur who needs that boost of inspiration and motivation to take their business to the next level. After reading his book, I am more inspired to make a difference in the world."

jayson lo
Jayson Lo

Speaker and Author of YOUnique "Understanding Others by Understanding YOU."

"I consider Sean Si as one of the most generous people I know. This book is proof of that generosity. Here it is, the secrets of a young successful CEO in your hands. And with all the questions about business and success, this book simply hits the nail right on the head."

maricel laxa pangilinan
Maricel Laxa Pangilinan

Multi-awarded Actress, Columnist, Award-winning Author

"Inspiring! I encourage every young person to read this book. It takes a lot of passion and courage to be CEO at 22. Sean will go many places and excited for the journey up ahead especially on how he helps make this digital world a better place, by God's grace!"

Joby Soriano

Senior Pastor

"I love how Sean shares the grit, grind and grueling reality of failure, flops and fiascos to finally reach his goal. And it does not stop here. He has surpassed his goals and gives us a sort of blueprint in how to achieve it in our lives as well. As you start reading this book, CEO at 22, you immerse yourself in his life and see how you too can achieve your destiny."