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Sean Si talks in USTSean Si does Inspirational and Motivational speaking engagements throughout the Philippines. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of SEO Hacker, an SEO and internet marketing company. His expertise in the field has drawn the attention of business and company owners, internet marketers, event organizers, bloggers, and other people interested in penetrating the booming internet market of the Philippines and abroad.

Speaking about business and success is easy. Sharing your own story is a piece of cake. Inspiring and motivating aspiring entrepreneurs and internet marketers however, is another thing. Everyone is unique. There is no 2 different people that have the exact same story in how they have traversed the corporate and business world. Understanding these principles together with giving advise as to how he has achieved success through excellence in passion is what makes Sean Si an exceptional motivational speaker in the Philippines.


This is Sean’s deck in his talk in DLSU’s Economics Leaders Congress with co-speaker Francis Kong. The seminar is all about empowering the youth of the next generation to use social media as it is a free, powerful platform that is available to them in order to reach out to their community and make a difference. Discussions on Facebook’s EdgeRank, Twitter’s influence system and Google+’s influence to the search engine results page were tackled and simplified.


PRISM – UST Food and Hospitality Marketing Convention 2013

Sean talks to motivate UST’s HRM students about how they can use SEO and social media marketing even as they step in to the corporate world.


  • Adcreate Society Seminar DLSU

(An unusual introduction to internet Marketing, 2010)

  • Emerging Technologies Seminar DLSU

(What the Heck is SEO and why do I need to know it? 2010)

(Why Internet Visibility is Business Success, 2010)

  • Secrets to Blogging Success (Webangelism conference)

(Christ Commission Fellowship, 2010)

  • How to break the Traffic Barrier with your Blog

(College of St.Benilde, Nov 20, 2010)

  • What yo’ mama didn’t tell you about SEO

 (AMA, Nov 26, 2010)

  • What yo’ mama didn’t tell you about SEO(CA Week)

(College of St. Benilde, Dec 20, 2010)

  • What the Heck is SEO and why do I need to know it 

(De La Salle University Dasmarinas, Jan 20, 2011)

  • What yo’ mama didn’t tell you about SEO (DLSU Em-tech)

(De La Salle University, Aug 13, 2011)

  • What is SEO and Why do I need it ? (Technopreneurship 3-day Conference)

(Megatradehall, April, 2012)

  • On Site Optimization 101 (Drupal Camp 2012)

(UP Diliman Marine Auditorium, March, 2012)

  • On Site Optimization 101 (iBlogph)

(UP College of Law, May 25, 2012)

  • Internet Marketing and Ethics (Em-Tech Class DLSU)

(DLSU CCS June 2, 5, and 7, 2012)

  • Using Social Media and SEO to boost Enterprise Capabilities (Information Systems Class DLSU)

(DLSU CCS July 17, 2012)

  • On Site Optimization 101 (TV 5 / Interaksyon Team)

(Marajo Tower, Novaliches Office April and May, 2012)

(Great Eastern Hotel October 26 – 28, 2012)

(Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2012, Vista Venice Resort, September 29-30, 2012)

(Prism: First Thomasian Student Food and Hospitality Marketing Convention, UST, Le Pavillon, February 11, 2013)

(DLSU Economics Leaders Congress 2013, Henry Sy Sr. Hall, February 26, 2013)

(Travel Facilitators Market, Crowne Plaza Hotel, July 5, 2013)

(Digital Media Marketing Forum, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, September 26, 2013)

(Digital Media Marketing Forum, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, September 26, 2013)

(Mastering Online Rankings Conference, Tanza Oasis Hotel, October 26-27, 2013)

(Marketing and Adviertising Ethics, Far Eastern University, December 11, 2013)

(December Networking Night, Microsoft Office, December 12, 2013)

(“iClick”, Polytechnic University of the Philippines Taguig, December 14, 2013)

(“BangonVisayas eCommerce Evolution Seminar – Social & Technological Advances for DOT Accredited Travel & Tour Operators” Bohol, December 19, 2013)

As a public speaker and internet marketing and copy-blogging coach, Sean has given talks, training and consultation sessions and seminars on career and business inspiration, social network and internet marketing, blogging success, SEO and reputation management.

Sean is an SEO Specialist. He owns several blogs and has sponsored and helped several others such as Actlikeaman, Movie Hound, Chinkee Tan, and Jayson Lo, in trying to achieve a personal vision for the Philippine internet and blogging community.

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