I fully understand the mission and vision statement of the company and its importance to my day-to-day work.

I would rather keep myself out of a work-related argument and then discuss my opinions with other people in the organization who are not part of that argument, later on.

I will do whatever it takes to make sure we win as a company - even doing someone else's job in the organization if that is the case.

I think making mistakes is a part of life and I learn from each and every mistake I make to improve myself.

I try not to make mistakes.

I need someone to help me understand the mission and vision statement of the company better.

I am still trying to see how the mission and vision of the company is related to my day-to-day work.

Whenever I am late for work, late in coming back to lunch, or late in my deliverables at work, I am made aware of it by my leader and we work on a solution to keep it from happening again.

I understand the importance of coming to work on time, even during my breaks or lunch breaks and I try my very best to deliver my work output on time or ahead of time.

I fully understand why I should "hand negatives up" and "hand positives down and laterally".

If I notice someone who is not practicing our core values in a certain situation, I make it a point to talk to that person to correct him/her, or I bring it up to my leaders immediately.

I fully understand that nothing in life worth doing is easy - and that includes the work we do at SEO Hacker.

Whenever there is a new project, assignment, or role, I always step up to volunteer to do it so I can learn new things and grow.

When something needs to be communicated but I know it might hurt the other person, I would rather not say it.

I am committed to making sure that I am always understood by my peers, leaders and clients well when I communicate to them.

I am challenged to do something great and risky once in a while by my team leader so that I can grow, stretch and improve.

I am inspired to lead others as I see my team leader do the same.

I am always given new materials to grow myself - podcasts, reading materials, books, videos, and other resources so that I can add value to myself and add value to the organization.

I feel like my leader helps me to be closer to the upper-management and leaders of the organization.

I feel like I am more united with the rest of the team as my career with SEO Hacker progresses.


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