Our bodies are opened up to desire sex as we reach the age of, more or less thirteen.This is because God designed us to manhood as we reached puberty. And as Christians in a world of rampant pornography and lust, suddenly we realize we need help.

KidultThis entry has been inspired by the book Every Young Man’s Battle by Fred Stoeker and Stephen Arterburn

These days young men and women are treated as kids

Even when our bodies are already ready for sex because we are designed to be sexual beings, you can always hear other people saying “you’re not ready to get married” or “enjoy your life first, you’re young” or “you still need to be financially stable”. Those people may be right in telling you that, but your body is certainly ready to have sex.

The word ‘teenager’ did not exist before the late 1940’s. Meaning before those times, when you reach the age of thirteen, you are considered a man.

What’s happening today is that we think of ourselves as kids with all our lives ahead of us. We think that we can enjoy and use up our time and life for our comfort and desires. If we viewed ourselves as men and women, who have responsibilities to carry, who have loads to bear, who have limited lives to live – then we would realize that we have to develop ourselves as leaders as soon as we can. We have to develop ourselves to face those responsibilities. We cannot procrastinate because our bodies will not procrastinate.

The heavy load of celibacy

The truth of the matter is, the Bible says that sexual immorality is wrong. I’ve written quite a number of entries about purity and lust. And when our bodies are opened to the world of puberty, we suddenly realize that the years we need to go through before we can settle down and marry is too darn long!

Then this ‘celibacy’ thing that God has called us to, seems impossible.

In fact, a lot of young men today think that abstaining from pornography and masturbation is impossible. They think that no one can do it – because they know that they can’t. And pornography is just a click away. It is so accessible.

Keeping away from sexual immorality and lust ain’t a walk in the park.

Material thingsThis world has much to offer

Instead of carrying the load of keeping focused and desiring to marry in the right age and time, we move our focus to career, business, materialistic pleasure, and so on and so forth. We think marrying and getting settled down is going to be in the way of our ‘enjoyment’ and materialistic pleasure.

We suddenly fear the responsibility in marriage. Because we think we’re still too young and everyone says that we are not yet ready.

We get sidetracked to desiring the pleasures of this world. And since we are sexual beings, we are always tempted to satisfy our sexual desires. The tendency is for us to just buy sex or get into flings and one nighters. It’s cheap, easy and no strings attached.

And we’re young. What could possibly go wrong?


Age does not separate the consequences

All our sexual decisions today will impact the rest of our lives. The choices you make as a teen will always carry over. The right decisions you make when you’re twenty will impact your decisions when you’re forty. Likewise the wrong choices you make today will impact the choices you make in the future.

Everything that you’re sowing in your life now, you will soon reap. It might not be immediate, but it is surely coming your way sooner or later.

Playing life without concern for your own maturity through choice of responsibility will utterly delay your manhood. It is procrastination of your call as a leader. A procrastination of your call as a man.

Growing older will not free you from sexual impurity. Don’t think that your choice of drowning yourself into sin and lust and sexual immorality now won’t matter because you’re young. Age will not save you. Marriage will not save you. You have to make a choice.

You have to tell yourself “This is it. This is as far as I go. I will go no further. I will stop from sinning and commit myself to following God in the aspect of sexual purity.” Otherwise, you’re going down a slippery slope. And it will get harder and harder to pin your flag down and stop.

Take the baton and run!

We have to realize that we are called to leadership and maturity in an early age. This life is meant to glorify God and nothing else. We have to see ourselves as how God sees us. We have to push ourselves as how God expects of us. Take the baton and run – run hard. Carry the load. Always remember that through this race, God is with you. You just have to decide to finally push yourself into taking that first step.

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