Leveraging on Your Passion Amidst a Lockdown

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Sam mentioned earlier the quote that goes along the lines of “you miss a hundred percent of the shots that you don’t take.

That leaves us to just take the shot and learn from it. Learn from the missed shot and recalibrate.

Sam had his own share of failures as well. He had his own startup projects that didn’t succeed such as a platform for photographers. He didn’t succeed in several of them, but it was still fine because those failures taught him a lot.

He learned a lot of things about how he should build his next startup. He would have missed out on all that education if he didn’t fail at the others first.

For him, entrepreneurs and startups should build their own projects or their Minimum viable product as much as they want. If it doesn’t succeed, then you will be learning from it. It is something you learn that is more valuable than any university education. The lessons you take from it last a lifetime.

The same goes for entrepreneurship. It is a journey. It is not just a destination.

Entrepreneurship is like an infinite game.

One thing that I always tell my team in SEO Hacker. We are composed mainly of 20 to 30-year-olds with me being the oldest guy in the team.

I always tell them that this company is your university. I am the one paying for their tuition fee, I sponsor them. They are my scholars.

I allow them to make mistakes except for two kinds: Repeated and Fatal mistakes. Fatal mistakes are when you lose a client. Repeated mistakes lead to Fatal mistakes when you keep doing it over and over again.

The same goes for entrepreneurship. We entrepreneurs are in our own university, we are our own sponsors, and the more times we fail, the more times we should learn.

What advice can you give someone who is afraid to fail?

One of the reasons why people fear failure so much is not because you have to repeat something, as is the case for college students, but rather they are worried about their own insecurities and what people would say.

Entrepreneurship, by nature, is accepting the risk and moving ahead regardless.

One of the things that Sam mentioned is to introspect yourself. Why is it that you are afraid to fail? Is it because you care too much about what people are going to say about you and how they’re going to perceive you? Or will you choose not to care about what they say?

What advice can you give to people who are currently doing nothing amid this COVID-19 Lockdown?

Sam has two points of interest in mind. He highly recommends that people look into these two things: What they are good at and what they’re passionate about. When these two things align, they will create extraordinary results.

Whether it’s coding, design, or whatever, as long as you have that innate ability for something, then you should go ahead and learn it.

How do you know what your passion is? How do you know what you’re passionate about?

Sam never had to think about his passion before. He says that that is one of the signs.

Maybe you don’t have to think about it because it’s something that you do without looking at the time. You don’t even think about getting up for a meal or setting a reminder for it because you get so engrossed in that activity.

What is something that you are working on and where can we find you?

You can find Sam Kamani via LinkedIn.

He is also currently working on his FinTech gaming product and building an esport product for trading and investments which is supposed to be coming soon.

He lives in New Zealand. He is from India and he has been rejected 500 times but is now a serial entrepreneur, an author, a speaker. Talk about resilience. Talk about getting up. Talk about learning from failures. Well, we did learn today from Sam and we are better for it.

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